Mom Shares Bizarre Hack For Curing Her Sick Baby, And Her Husband Think She's Gone Mad

Mom Shares Bizarre Hack For Curing Her Sick Baby, And Her Husband Think She's Gone Mad

It's perfectly natural to want to do absolutely everything you can to alleviate your baby's symptoms when they are ill. Sometimes, though, this can be trickier than usual so you are forced to rely on the more unconventional methods. And few methods are as unconventional as the one a mother, known simply as Emily, tried out on her sick baby girl.

Her daughter was suffering relentlessly from a blocked nose and so Emily tried out a pretty interesting remedy, hoping it would relieve her distress - and to her surprise, it actually did.

Credit: Pexels / Daniel Reche

Emily was running out of ideas. She could see that her daughter was struggling to breathe, but it was 3 am so popping out to get some medicine wasn't a feasible option.

She did, however, have some decongestant Olbas Oil - just nothing to put it on. So, with little else to her disposal, the doting mother decided to use a period pad. Emily covered the pad in the oil and stuck it to a shelf above her daughter's best, and voilà.

It worked a charm! So she decided to share the hack in the Facebook group "The MotherLoad", writing:

"Snotty baby needed something to help the congestion. Covered this in some Olbas Oil - works a treat. My other half thought I had finally lost it."

Credit: The MotherLoad / Facebook

The post has since been liked over 1,000 times and has received plenty of comments from grateful mothers.

"Brilliant, I will do this tonight," one user wrote.

"Genius! I am totally adopting that idea," another added.

"Brilliant idea, beats a bit of tissue!" a third chimed in.

Not everyone was immediately won over by Emily's unique method. In fact, her own husband was confused as to why she had stuck the period pad on the shelf in the first place.

"He thought I'd done it by accident without realising," she told Mirror Online.

Just a little note for anyone who's thinking of trying out this hack - you might want to inform your other half of your intentions before sticking a period pad onto a shelf above your baby's bed.