Mom-Of-Two Praised For Chopping All Her Vegetables For The Entire Year

Mom-Of-Two Praised For Chopping All Her Vegetables For The Entire Year

Anyone who is both a genuine foodie and has their own Instagram account should be familiar with the phenomenon of preparing your meals for the week, then taking a few snaps of all your hard work, before posting them on the photo-sharing app with the hashtag 'mealprep'.

But while preparing your meals ahead of time for just a few days might be manageable, imagine doing just that for a whole year. Well, it turns out that some people do.

In fact, one very resourceful mother shared a picture of the contents of her frozen food prep, set to feed her family for an entire year. Yep, her freezer really is fit to burst with vegetables, enclosed in ziplock bags, that she believes will last months and months.

Credit: Facebook

"Veg prep for what feels like the next year lol," the mum-of-two wrote alongside the snap.

And get this - the nifty little hack cost her only $80 from a wholesale supplier.

She detailed the exact ingredients and the quantities of said ingredients on Facebook:

  • 15kg of carrot: sliced, roast chunks and chopped.
  • 20kg of Sebago potatoes: roast chunks, sliced for potato baked and diced for mash
  • 15kg of sweet potato: roast chunks, sliced for potato bake and diced for mash
  • 10kg of onion: sliced, chopped and chunks for roast, onion rings
  • 2kg of zucchini: julienne and roast chunks

There was also one kilogram of sliced capsicum, two pumpkins cut into chunks and 10 kilograms of diced tomatoes.

The post was then inundated with enthusiastic comments from her fellow Facebook users:

"Now that's being organised," one person wrote while one simply commented, "Wow".

When questioned about how she managed to undergo the laborious task of preparing and freezing a year's worth of vegetables, she explained in the comments that she "used to be a chef".

The former chef also told the commenters that there are "six adults and two kids" living under her roof, and that's essentially what motivated her to prepare such a phenomenally large amount of vegetables.

"I do it so I don't have to waste time every night chopping up veg for dinner, as we all work and I have uni and the two kids have after-school sports," she added.

Credit: Pexels / Daria Shevtsova

Other users wanted to know whether the mum-of-two had pre-cooked any of the vegetables before placing them inside the freezer, to which she replied that she hadn't.

"None of this is pre-cooked and the roast vegetables turn out great," she wrote. "Just need to thaw out properly so I take it all out the night before."

"Diced up carrot and onion and that type of stuff is for slow cooker and spaghetti etc."

Plenty of people were inspired by the mum's affordable and highly efficient technique and thanked her for sharing the tip

"Thank you for sharing," one person wrote.

"I was thinking I need to meal prep on a weekend because I work a 10-hour day and travel 45 minutes to and from work."

"I am exhausted when I get home for hubby and two adult kids. This is a great way to be organised to eat healthier, love my veggies!"

"Just add meat for the main, will save you a dollar on takeout and unhealthy alternative choices."

Does meal-prepping for the next 12 months seem like something you might want to try?