22 Ingenious Storage Solutions That Will Transform Any Small Home

22 Ingenious Storage Solutions That Will Transform Any Small Home

We live in a world where accommodation, for most, is getting smaller. This is especially the case if you live in a big city like London or New York - something which many people have been forced to do for work. And while cutting back on the size of your abode is an inevitable reality for most people, with the right knowledge, you can do a lot with the space you've got.

Doing so will transform what might otherwise be a slightly claustrophobic environment into a home. What's more is that, if done correctly, it will give your abode a sense of character which most small homes lack. Who wouldn't want to watch TV on a sofa which, with a pull-down, turns into a glorious double bed that looks nothing like the sofa beds of old? Me, please.

1. This stylish bunk bed solution

Credit: Reddit / @Arradero

Writing as someone who spent most of her formative years on a top bunk, I can't emphasize enough how good this looks. A huge problem for me growing up was that I didn't have access to a decent reading light because of the shape of my bed, but because these bunks have their own walls and personal lights, whoever is sleeping here won't have this problem.

2. An office and a seating area in one!

Credit: Tumblr / @sparklyskank

Not only does this space-saving solution look great, but it's also so compact that it doesn't make the room look great while giving the occupant the functionality of a desk, sitting area, and even more storage within the oak too.

3. This stylish shelving solution

Credit: trendecora.com

This is a great idea if you want to vary up the colors in your home, either with one color or a feature wall, and it comes with the added bonus of extra shelving space. Perfect for anyone looking to put their own stamp on a small space.

4. Create an extra layer if your home is vertical enough

Credit: themomnerd.com

Now, that's what I call a three-in-one: study kitchen and bedroom. Perfect if you want to shout on your partner to make you breakfast in bed! If you look closely enough, it actually appears to be a four-in-one. Can you spot the bathtub?

5. A desk and vanity cabinet in one

Credit: Instagram / @kcorganizer

Perfect for anyone who wants to get their work done during the day and then hit the dance floor at night. Alternatively, if makeup isn't your scene, you could also turn it into a craft table to keep all of your supplies in the one place when space is tight!

6. A Murphy bed

Credit: Twitter / @caesurabk

This is the 21st century's answer to the traditional sofa bed - a bed that can be pulled down from a wall, and, as I'm sure you'll agree, it's a vast improvement. Simultaneously easy to assemble and a great storage solution.

7. Not got a vertical enough room for traditional bunk beds? Get pull out ones instead

Credit: wayfair.com

What I love about this space-saving solution is that it can be used if you have more than one child sharing a room, or, alternatively, if you're little ones come for a sleepover - it saves you having to set up the sofa bed!

8. A false floor

Credit: Twitter / @InteriorLabo

Don't have room for wardrobes? Simply install a false floor and you'll likely end up with more storage space than you could ever use. What makes this design solution so brilliant, in my opinion, is that it comes with such easy access (unlike the attic!).

9. A seat that doubles as a cabinet

Credit: Facebook / Chi Renovation & Design

When you're creating extra storage space, it's important to think about what exactly it's going to be used for. Because a design like this would most likely be in a bedroom or a living room, use it to store the things you need regularly like kids' toys.

10. Bedside tables with custom fittings

Credit: portobellostreet.es

While most bedside tables come with a drawer or two, that's not always the case. If yours doesn't, or you see your dream design and it's without some extra storage, simply customize it to suit. Storage in your bedside cabinet is essential for sexy times!

11. A floating side shelf

Credit: IKEA USA

But don't worry if you simply haven't got space for a bedside table. A great alternative is a floating side shelf like the one pictured.

12. A pull-out work desk

Credit: Instagram / @ideiasdiferentes

A desk is an essential piece of furniture for a lot of people, and when there isn't room for one, it can cause a real headache, especially if you work from home. But fret not! You can easily have pull-out desks built into your smaller abode.

13. A mirror with pull out cabinets

Credit: Pinterest / @elonahome

This is perfect for anyone who finds themselves scrambling for shampoo and other toiletries every time they go to the bathroom. In my first apartment, I had no option but to do this because there was nowhere to store them. Little did I know about this...

14. A pull out dining table

Credit: atelierchang.com

Anyone who has ever had to transport a table form another area of the house into their living room so that more people can eat will really appreciate this one. Perfect if you don't need a big table all the time but still like to entertain.

15. The key to making the most of your smaller home is making the most of every inch and corner

Credit: katheats.com

Who'd have thought the side of this kitchen worktop would have made a great place to store supplies? The owner of the house, that's who. And let's face it, if you're a keen cook, there's no such thing as too much storage space, so, if need be, follow suit.

16. Another ridiculously clever storage solution

Credit: Facebook / Ideeco

Cleaning products are pretty unsightly, so, if it's possible, save yourself some space and keep them hidden with a storage solution.

17. Multi-functional furniture

Credit: Instagram / @bakerstreetboys_london

When you've got a small home, you have to make your furniture work for you. So why not invest in multifunctional pieces like this?

18. Unusual designs often provide extra storage space

Credit: jaykinterior.com

Quirkier pieces also give you room for customization, so you can still put your stamp on your home with extra space to boot!

19. If you've got a particularly small bathroom, you can combine your sink and toilet

Credit: Instagram / @bathroomsupastore

Oh, how I wish my friend had known about this. He had his toilet and sink in one room and his bathtub in another. You can imagine how inconvenient that was. Now, I don't know about you, but I like to brush my teeth after taking a bath without having to move to a different room!

20. An over-the-toilet rack

Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

You don't need to play a game of Tetris on the cistern with one of these. Proof you can make any small space work for you!

21. This clever and stylish shelving solution

Credit: Esty / @WoodSpeaksShop

This would be a winner if you have kids. A great way of jazzing up your home and creating extra storage space at the same time.

22. Small bathroom above a big city? Install a sink over the bathtub

Credit: Facebook / RAVAK

This works for exactly the same reason as the sink above the toilet suggestion.

So, if you're struggling for space, or know that you're going to have to the downside (usually this comes with the silver lining of a better location), take comfort in the knowledge that with the right storage solution, you can make any space work for you.