How To Make Your Own Swimming Pool Out Of Just Nine Wooden Pallets

How To Make Your Own Swimming Pool Out Of Just Nine Wooden Pallets

I am privileged enough to have a lot of happy memories from my childhood. Looking back, it's hard to establish what made each moment so memorable, but I guess, if I were to really put my mind to it, I would realize that a great deal of them centered around the fact that I was blessed to have a pool as a child.

It's a simple thing, a swimming pool. Just a giant vessel filled with questionably clean (and usually cold) water. But for a child, it can provide endless hours of fun and entertainment. Even the smell of chlorine today can immediately transport me back to my carefree childhood.

I vividly remember whole afternoons spent submerged in the pool, the skin on my fingers wrinkling in protest as I momentarily became more amphibian than human. I remember the great pleasure the pool provided for my friends, who would often find any excuse to come over to my house, towels in hand.

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I remember the respite the pool offered my mother as she relaxed in the house, free of noisy children throughout the entire school summer break. We both literally cried when dad got rid of the pool because he wanted a rockery/BBQ pit.

From that day on, I concluded that at some point in the future I will once again have my own pool.

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Of course, being a millennial in a particularly volatile financial environment, the prospect of being able to own a pool of my own is one that I can currently only dream of. At least, that is what I thought. But, then I realized that a stretched bank balance shouldn't have to make me forfeit my frivolous dreams of having a pool.

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So, I looked online and found that it is possible to build a pool using simple, attainable materials. All you'll need is a little creativity and a dash of patience...

What you will need:

  • Nine pallets
  • A few sheets of tarpaulin
  • A plastic sheet
  • Towels
  • Ratchet straps

Step One

The first thing to establish is, where do you want your pool to be? You'll need a flat area of land in order to get started.

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Once you have found your perfect spot, you then lay down a sheet of tarpaulin. If you're savvy you can buy one sheet online for less than $20. Bargain.

Watch this easy video tutorial to really get an idea of how to make this epic pool...

Step Two

You'll then need to arrange your pallets. If you don't know anyone who can supply pallets to you, don't panic, as they come in fairly cheap online or in DIY stores (less than $5 a pallet). If you want a larger pool, then buy more pallets.

First of all, lay them on their sides and position the bottom sections so they're all connected. Then, once you have your shape sorted, lift the pallets upright so that they stand flush against each other.

Step Three

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Get your ratchet straps and the ready and secure your pallets in place. Keep things tight to avoid anything moving at a later stage.

Step Four

Line your pool with a plastic sheet that is large enough to go over the sides of your pallet structure - just like a pastry on a pie!

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If you want, you can cushion the corners with towels or any other material that you may prefer.

Step Five

Add a second layer of tarpaulin and tape it down to the pallets on the outside. If you want, you can add a pool liner at this stage, to just really seal the deal.

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Step Six

You're essentially ready to go, now all you need to do is decorate the exterior of your pool. You can easily buy bamboo rolls from any garden store, which make for a cheap and cheerful exterior 'wall' for the pool.

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Step Seven

Your pool is now ready to be filled! It will stay clean for a few days, but if you want to prolong your handiwork and get the most out of it then you'll need to buy a pump to filter the water. Depending on how extravagant you want to be you can spend anywhere upwards of $40 on such a pump.

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Chlorine tablets are also easily available online and cost anywhere upwards of $4. Just make sure you know exactly what you're doing with the chlorine before you put it into your pool! Safety first!

Now it's time to buy some inflatables and invite your friends round for a pool party! Enjoy!