These Laundry Eggs Can Wash Your Clothes For Just $10 A Year

These Laundry Eggs Can Wash Your Clothes For Just $10 A Year

Last week, NASA reported that a chunk of the polar ice caps thirty times size of Manhattan is about to break off. This once again demonstrates the need for radical action to save our planet. If the sea continues to rise at its current rate, it will inevitably spell environmental catastrophe. And change can only happen when humankind bands together to protect the environment.

According to the EPA, the amount of plastic recycled it the US in 2010 equated to the removal of the emissions of 33 million cars. So before you throw out your trash, remember the ripple effect recycling has on the environment, and before you invest in more laundry detergent, invest in this alternative that will not only save the environment but your hard-earned cash!


Eco Eggs are the latest method of cleaning your clothes, and unlike traditional detergents, they don't contain harsh chemicals, which makes them perfect for sensitive skin.

They cost from $10 upwards and can last for up to 720 washes, which, depending on your usage, could save you buying detergent for up to three years - that's a big saving for you and the environment!

Credit: Instagram / @my_ecoegg

The Eco Eggs work by being placed on top of your washing. They contain a combination of black and white pellets. The black pellets aren't soluble, but the white pellets are and, according to the Mirror, need replacing around the 72nd wash. However, before you think that this will cost you more money - worry not, as replacements are included with your first purchase.

Credit: Instagram / @my_ecoegg

And before you go thinking, "Well, I like the smell of fabric softener and traditional detergent!", the Eco Egg has your back in this department too. While there are unscented options available, you can buy scented ones as well.

Credit: Instagram / @my_ecoegg

If this sounds like a worthwhile investment (How could it not?!), then you can buy them on Amazon.

A testament to the popularity of this product is the fact that it's the number one best seller in the Commercial Liquid Detergent category on the website and has received more than 1,000 glowing five-star reviews from very satisfied customers.

One customer wrote the following alongside their five-star review:

"This has transformed my laundry routine. Along with dryer balls, I no longer have to buy laundry detergent or dryer sheets. I get clean clothes without having to buy detergent. I still treat stains before washing, and I have had great results. The Eco Egg satisfies my desire to streamline my laundry routine and use an eco-friendly product. Love it! I told my sister about it, and she bought one too after thoroughly researching it. She is super strict about the products she uses to be eco-friendly, and she's convinced, now, that it's the way to go."

Still not convinced? Watch the commercial for the Eco Egg below: 

Another customer who gave the product five stars wrote:

"It works. It actually works. It has removed odors including urine (better than regular detergent) and even most of blood stains (as effective as detergent). My 6 y/o son's jeans and shirts, his crusty socks, and even his streaky underwear all come out clean."

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to join the Eco Egg revolution!