Stay-At-Home Mom Shares Must-Know Hack For Managing Household Income

Stay-At-Home Mom Shares Must-Know Hack For Managing Household Income

Managing money is no mean feat. While it's simple enough in theory, we all have unexpected expenses, especially families, and without proper management, it's all too easy to find yourself strapped for cash.

One parent from a single-income family, however, has come up with an ingenious hack to stop this from happening.


Madeline "Madz" Ellado shared her hack on the parenting Facebook page Smart Parenting Village (SP Village) and all it involves is an organizer she purchased from Lazada - an Asian online retailer.

"This is our budget for 15 days," she writes. "It includes our bills, including groceries and other expenses. I deposit the savings into a bank account."

Credit: Madeline Ellado

She explained that her husband gives her his salary at the end of each month so that she can budget it in the most effective way for their family.

"I'm a full-time housewife and I can't help my husband with the expenses. Budgeting is my way of helping him, so we know where his salary goes."

Credit: Madeline Ellado

She told that she took action after her son, Liam, turned two and needed a lot more items like diapers and milk.

The mom said that they still have a little set aside for indulgences, but this isn't money that she manages.

"We have a separate budget for that which comes from my husband's savings," she explained. "When we go out, he takes care of the expenses, so I don't include it in my budget."

Ellado then shared her top three tips for making a single income family work.


1. Make a grocery list and stick to it

Ellado revealed that she plans out her family's meals 15 days in advance and then writes down the ingredients she needs to make them.

"I need to write it down so when I go to the market, I will only buy what's on the list. I can't go over budget," she said.

2. Get your partner's support

As the old saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work and that's certainly the case when it comes to money management.

"I'm thankful that my husband supports the way I budget our money, so I'm able to do it properly," Ellado said.

3. Live within your means

"The important thing is your family doesn't go hungry and you are able to save even just a small amount. What's important is you get to save little by little," Ellado said of budgeting.

So, if you're a single income family struggling to make your income work for you, you might want to bear Ellado's hack and advice in mind!