Mom Takes Potty Training To A Whole New Level With This Insane Hack

Mom Takes Potty Training To A Whole New Level With This Insane Hack

As someone who does not yet have kids, I can only imagine what a stressful task potty training toddlers must be. The little rugrats may be known for being little sponges with the ability to soak up new information at a surprising speed, but the process of teaching them new life skills is far from easy. In reality, it can be exhausting and, depending on how long it takes for the child to learn, just downright infuriating.

So, one mother from the UK decided to approach what she knew would be a demanding task by covering the entire floor of a room in her home with puppy pee pads while teaching her toddler how to use the toilet.

In a post to Facebook, Shona McLoughlin shared photos of the floor once she had plastered it with the pee pads.

potty training hack Credit: Facebook / Shona McLoughlin

"DAY ONE. Am I doing it right?" she wrote in the post. "Sat here waiting for her to pee. Do I just keep sitting her on the potty and hope she gets it?"

"I’VE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING…" she added.

In the center of the room, she placed a small toilet for her daughter to use. "[The pads are] 'just in case' she misses…" McLoughlin clarified, noting, "Once she gets used to it I’ll move mini toilet into the bathroom."

The mom also explained that her daughter has fortunately not yet had an accident, adding that she's a "holder-inner" and that she still needs a lot of practice if she's to master the art of using a toilet.

Fellow parents couldn't get enough of the hilarious hack in the comments section.

"I’m dying," wrote one mom. "But I wish I’d thought of this!"

Other parents took to the comments to share their own tips for efficient potty training.

"Put a nappy inside the toilet, so she knows the nappy is there when she sits on it," one suggested.

So, does this hack seem like something you would try or does it seem a tad overzealous?