Little-Known Kitchen Hacks That Will Save You Both Time And Money

Little-Known Kitchen Hacks That Will Save You Both Time And Money

Jona Lewie once sang, "you will always find him in the kitchen at parties", and, despite the fact that song was written 24 years before I was born, the chances are he was talking about me.

For so many of us, our kitchens are the room where we spend most of our time awake, either cooking or preparing the next family meal. Cooking is not only incredibly therapeutic, but it allows us to get creative in so many ways. However, one thing I've never been great at is following a recipe or instructions.

I'm always looking for shortcuts to save both time and money, and thanks to these incredible kitchen hacks, it has never been easier.

1. Doritos Seasoning

Credit: SuburbanTragic

This next one is not only ridiculously easy, but ridiculously delicious. Simply take your favorite Doritos flavor, crush the chips, put them in an empty pepper grinder, and boom - you've got a delicious nacho seasoning.

This tastes great on mac & cheese, french fries, pizza, and more!

2. Brown Sugar Chocolate Molds

Credit: Daring Baker Duluth

Brown sugar holds its shape and heat incredibly well, which makes it perfect for experimenting with chocolate molding. Fancy making your loved one a chocolate heart? Then give this a go!

3. Bring Celery Back To Life


If your celery has gone limp from being in the refrigerator for too long, then just pop the stalks into a glass of ice water, leave them overnight, and by morning, your celery will be looking as fresh as the day you bought it.

The ice water trick also works on limp broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, lettuce, and spinach.

4. Cookbook Holder

Credit: CHOW

Need to prop up your cookbook but keep it safe from splashes and sauces, or just free up some counter space? Then why not use an old clothes hanger with pants clips?

5. Don't Waste Money On A Vacuum Sealer

Credit: An Oregon Cottage

Electronic vacuum sealers are great for keep foods like meat, vegetables and cheese fresher for longer, but a reliable one costs like $200! And then you've got to keep buying the resealable bags.

However, this handy little hack works just as well for a fraction of the cost! Invest in some reusable ziplock bags, fill them with whatever food you wish to keep fresh, and then seal the bag up, leaving roughly one centimeter open. Then, pop in your reusable straw and suck out the air within the bag. Quickly remove the straw, lock the bag, and hey presto! Your food will last longer and you've just saved some cash.

6. Get The Most Out Of Your Ginger

Credit: Foodie for Two

Vegetable peelers can struggle with the nobbly root, and you're much better off removing the skin on ginger with the soft serrated edges of a grapefruit spoon!

7. Keep Your Fridge Fresh


Trying using peelable contact paper within your refrigerator. Not only will it make the inside look pimpin', but if you have any unfortunate spills, it is easy to simply peel off and throw in the trash.

8. Easy Peasy Peel

Credit: Pexels / Pixabay

Peeling citrus fruits like oranges or clementines can sometimes be a messy bother. Well, if you pop that fruit in the microwave for roughly 20 seconds, you'll find that the peel comes away much easier.

9. Keep Leftovers Fresh During Reheating


We all love leftover pizza or pasta, but if you do decide to reheat them in the microwave, they can often go dry and stale. To combat this, place a glass of water in the microwave next to your food. This will release water vapor that will keep your food tasting fresh.

10. Bring Wooden Spoons Back To Life

Credit: Pexels / Aphiwat chuangchoem

With repeated use, wooden spoons can become discolored and have a rather unpleasant odor. To solve this, boil them in a pan of water and leave them to dry in the sun. They'll be back to looking as good as new in no time!

11. Ripen Bananas Fast

Bananas on an oven tray. Credit: Anjali Prasertong

Want to make some deliciously moist and fragrant banana bread, but all you'd got is green, "it's gonna take a few days to ripen" bananas? Well, pop those bananas into an oven for 5 to 7 minutes on 350-degrees, and then you'll have ripe bananas, perfect for banana bread!

12. Slice Ground Meat Before Freezing


If you bulk buy your ground beef, then you may want to freeze some for a later date. But, if you slice the meat into portions beforehand, you can then guarantee that you only defrost as much as you need.

13. Raise The Bar In Your Cupboards

Credit: littlebitfunky

Many of us are guilty of only using the bottom half of our cupboards. Well, simply fit a bar (a curtain rail for example), and you can finally utilize more space, for an organized cupboard!

14. Keep You Sponge Clean

Credit: Imgur

This may be the simplest hack on this list, but it will make for a much cleaner kitchen. Not only will water drain from the sponge quicker, but it will also mean the sponge stays mildew free for longer.

15. Get Every Last Kernel

Credit: Pexels / Pixabay

Homemade popcorn is always the best type of popcorn, but every time I used to make it, I would have so many unpopped kernels. The best way to solve this is to soak your kernels in water for roughly 10 minutes before you pop them. This will cause more kernels to pop!

16. Pack An Apple In The Potato Bag

Credit: Reddit

If you enjoy cooking with fresh potatoes but hate dealing with them sprouting in your cupboard, then this tip is for you! Place an apple into the bag of potatoes, and this will help prevent premature sprouting.

17. Fish Out The Fat

Credit: One Good Thing

If you've made a delicious soup/stew/bolognese/casserole/sauce, but have noticed it's looking a little bit fatty, then have no fear! Take a few ice cubes and wrap them in some kitchen towel, then skim it across the surface. This will cause excess fat to solidify, making it much easier for you to remove.

And there you have it - 17 kitchen hacks that'll save you both time and money. I can honestly see myself using every one of these in the future!