Six-Month-Old Baby Hates Peas So Much That She Actually Utters Her First Words

Six-Month-Old Baby Hates Peas So Much That She Actually Utters Her First Words

When you're the parent of a baby, there are many exciting milestones to look forward to.  There are the milestones that mark the infant's physical progress. For instance, the moment they start crawling and when that progresses into learning how to stand. And then, eventually, the time comes when they learn how to walk and can no longer legitimately be called babies.

But let's face it - the icing on top of the cake of all baby milestones is their first word. And that's in spite of the fact that when most babies get round to uttering their first word, it tends to be pretty, well, unoriginal.

We all know that the first word to come out of their tiny mouths tends to be either "momma" or "dadda". But that certainly isn't always the case - sometimes a baby's first word can surprise you.

In fact, one particular couple filmed their baby's first words and it completely caught them off-guard.

They were feeding mushy peas to their little one but the baby was having none of it.

"Are you ready for your first vegetable?" the baby girl's mom asks. Evidently, she was not ready.

She seems much more interested in her pacifier than the mushy peas her parents are trying to feed her. Even so, the mom makes persistent attempts at feeding the little bundle of joy. And the baby continues to reject it.

"She doesn't like it," the dad says watching as his child winces, seemingly on the verge of tears.

Credit: YouTube / Jomantgixxer

Both parents can be heard laughing, amused by their kid's reaction to the peas. But despite her parents' jovial mood, the baby remains upset by the fact that she's being fed mushy peas.

Eventually, it all gets too much for her and the unimpressed infant finally utters her first words to her parents, hilariously signifying the end of dinner time.

Still entertained by their child's instant disliking to vegetables, the parents remain in high spirits. Who'd have thought a seemingly mundane activity with your child would end up in them, apparently, saying their first word?