'Game Of Thrones' Fans Can Now Turn Their Porcelain Throne Into The Iron Throne

'Game Of Thrones' Fans Can Now Turn Their Porcelain Throne Into The Iron Throne

Yesterday, after an almost two-year wait, we finally returned to Westeros - but don't worry, this is a spoiler-free article. I'm here to talk to you about how you can turn your porcelain throne into the Iron Throne.

Because who doesn't want to feel like a badass while pooping?

Now, when you go to the toilet, you're probably greeted with a standard and, quite frankly, boring sight like the one below:

Credit: Victoria Plum

Well, fear not. Because now you can feel like the true king or queen of the Seven Kingdoms and White Walker slayer extraordinaire all while you "drop the kids off at the pool". Check it out:

Credit: Esty

Available on Esty, all you need to transform every package you drop off for the foreseeable future into a GoT themed experience is a self-adhesive vinyl sticker.

Credit: Etsy/WordFactoryDesign

You've got options too, and they're available in black, gold metallic, silver metallic, and copper metallic colors. The sticker is sized 20-inch by 23-inch.

Credit :Etsy/WordFactoryDesign

They even created a custom-made mini Iron Throne sticker for this kid's potty. (Although, I really hope the parents aren't letting their kids watch the show...)

Credit: HBO

The sticker is reasonably priced too and costs between $28 and $29.95.

Just make sure you've not got any vengeful family members about when you're using it: 

But if doing your business in true Westerosi fashion isn't quite up your street, maybe you'd like to invest in a pet-friendly Iron Throne, which, incredibly, is now a thing on Esty too. Seriously, check it out!

Credit: Made for Pets

And if fake Iron Thrones just won't cut it, well, if you happen to be in the UK or Ireland in the near future, the actual Iron Throne from the hit HBO series, pictured above, is on tour, and obviously, you can sit on it.

Winter is here!