16 Ingenious Designs We Really Can't Believe Haven't Been Implemented Everywhere Already

16 Ingenious Designs We Really Can't Believe Haven't Been Implemented Everywhere Already

We're pretty lucky these days to live in an age where improvements in technology continue to increase at a rapid rate. However, despite how increasingly complicated our tech is becoming, sometimes the simplest answer is the one that is overlooked.

Humans may think we've got a solution to every problem, but as this list proves, most of the time, the most common issues can be solved with the simplest of solutions.

Seriously, why aren't these EVERYWHERE??

1. Never forget to take your meds ever again

It can be easy to forget whether or not you've taken your meds if have to take them several times throughout the day. This container resets the time every time the bottle is opened ensuring that you always take your pills exactly when you need to.

2. Press these elevator buttons with your toes 

To avoid catching any germs, simply use the foot elevator buttons to get where you need to go.

3. An exit door disguised as a bookcase

Credit: Reddit / torsades_

The door was on the Alzheimer's ward and the purpose for disguising it was to prevent patients from opening it and getting lost.

4. A calculator built into a shopping cart

Credit: Reddit / Afrocean

So you can work out how much your groceries are going to cost you before reaching the checkout.

5. An informative toothpaste

Credit: Reddit / TheLonelyCaricature

This toothpaste lists its ingredients, where they're from and what purpose they serve.

6. Airport bathrooms for pets

Credit: Reddit / twotea

When nature calls and you're past security, your pooch will need somewhere to pee. Well, these bathrooms are specially designed for pets - they have turf and a mini shower for pets who have had accidents.

7. Pay tips by card rather than cash

Credit: Reddit / McBloggenstein

We're using cash less and less but some of us still want to show our gratitude for the good service we have received.

8. Old telephone booths turned into defibrillators 

Credit: Reddit / notakidnapperhonest

The design is the same but instead of the classic red colour, it's bright yellow.

9. Let the grocery store when a cart needs fixing

Credit: Reddit / Afrocean

Simply attach the tag to the faulty cart and hopefully, it will soon be repaired.

10. Every restaurant needs one of these

Credit: Reddit

This remote allows customers who are ready to either order or pay to request a server.

11. If you don't like being bothered while shopping

Credit: Reddit / hand_

If you want to be left well alone, use the orange shopping baskets. If you wouldn't mind being offered a little help, use the green baskets.

12. Packs of gum which include paper to dispose of the gum

Credit: Reddit / nt261999

If you there's no nearby trash can, simply wrap your used gum in one of the papers provided.

13. No water? No problem?

This water fountain will quench your need for water, and your dog's!

14. Helpful fitting room hangers

Credit: Reddit / Pumpkinspice90

It's simple yet handy.

15. Parent and child swing

Credit: Reddit / Bearat

Both parent and child can use the above swing - they'd be facing each other and swinging simultaneously.

16. This Sign

Credit: Reddit / DrJulianBashir

Seriously, why doesn't this sign proceed EVERY bridge?!

17. These shopping carts with built-in GPS of the store

Credit: Reddit / 517634

Never get lost looking for groceries again!

Wouldn't life be so much easier if all items were designed in this way? What do you think?