Incredible Crafts And Hacks Made Possible Thanks To Pool Noodles

Incredible Crafts And Hacks Made Possible Thanks To Pool Noodles

If you're the sort of person who loves hitting the pool as soon as the sun comes out, then you've probably had your fair share of fun with a pool noodle or two. You know - those long styrofoam thingies that come in a range of different colours and allow you to float in the pool.

But what you probably didn't know about pool noodles is that they're actually incredibly versatile. They can be used to make a variety of crafty creations from fun decorations to inventive children's toys.

1. Lightsabers


Be one with the force with these fun - and safe - lightsabers!

2. Life-size Lincoln Logs

Credit: Pinterest / Staci Rizzo

A cheap and easy playhouse for little ones!

3. Truffula Trees

Credit: Pinterest / Bentlee Gurley

If your kids love The Lorax, these Truffula Trees are a welcome addition to playroom or classroom.

4. Giant candles for decoration

Credit: Pinterest / @classcarryout

Perfect for the holidays!

5. Hobby horses

Credit: Pinterest / Marie Decker

These are so much fun for racing!

6. Hotwheels racetrack

Credit: Pinterest / Hot Wheels

Kids will love seeing whose car can reach the water first!

7. Water wall


These water walls will keep kids busy for hours!

8. Cute, little headboard

Credit: Babble

No injuries here!

9. Vase and flowers

Credit: Pinterest / Jårÿñ Märïę Łįñdńėr

A lovely addition to any room!

10. Flower Garland


A perfect decoration for summer!

11. DIY Pool Noodle Summer Wreath

Credit: My UnEntitled Life

Another simple but effective decoration for summer!

12. Floating cooler

Credit: Colleen Papen

Whoever thought of this is a genius!

13. Candle decoration

Credit: Pinterest / Kiiara Sanchez

Electric candles only - and they can go in the pool!

14. DIY Playhouse


If it's a rainy day, stay inside and play!

15. Basketball hoop for toddlers

Credit: Bloglovin'

Make bathtimes fun again!

16. Pom Pom shooter

Credit: FSPDT

My nephews absolutely love these!

17. Pool noodle paint stamps

Credit: Optimistic Mommy

Perfect for craft time!

18. Cardholders

Credit: The Brown Bag Teacher

Parents can use these for poker night, too!

19. Door guard

Credit: Pinterest / Tiffany Raymond Martinez

No need to wake the little ones after you've just got them to sleep.

20. Extra protection on the trampoline


This will take so much worry over kids using the trampoline!