10 Very Simple Dollar Store Crafts That'll Spruce Up Your Home Decor

10 Very Simple Dollar Store Crafts That'll Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Dollar stores will always be popular due to the simple fact that they offer a wide range of things for literally a dollar. It's a great place to pick up some last-minute party supplies and other bits and pieces you might need fairly urgently. It's also pretty helpful if you're looking to get some household essentials like cushions, soap dispensers or kitchen utilities. And the best thing about it is that you'll usually leave having spent no more than about $15 - it's an absolute bargain!

And if you happen to be looking for some DIY or craft supplies, then you need look no further than the dollar store. It'll have pretty much everything you need to make a range of gorgeous DIY projects, using all kinds of different materials and supplies.

And if you're a new crafter but don't have limitless funds, you won't have to feel too hesitant about the financial aspect of going about your DIY project, because buying all your supplies from the dollar store won't be too much of an investment.

Here are some craft ideas to get started, using nothing more than a few simple items at the dollar store.

1. Knobs and mirrors as a jewellery holder

Credit: homeyohmy.com

All you need is to hang up some hexagonal mirrored candle holders found at the dollar store and some fancy-looking drawer knobs. Using a strong adhesive, glue the knobs onto the mirror so you have something to hang your jewellery on.

2. Spray paint locker bins

Credit: aehomestylelife.com

If you want to brush up on your organisation skills, a locker bin from the dollar store is your best bet. The thing is these bins tend to be quite garish and don't exactly fit in well with the average household's décor. But if you still want one, then all you need is a can of spray paint and you can give your new locker bin any colour you want.

3. Transform your cookie sheet into a note-to-self board

Credit: thecrazycraftlady.com

Since cookie sheets and baking trays tend to magnetic, you can totally use it as an organisation board and attach important items and notes onto it. In order to make it seem less like it belongs in the oven and more like a chic piece of décor, you might want to line the base of it with reclaimed wood contact paper.

4. Give your coasters more of a homely feel

Credit: inspiredbycharm.com

To get this super easy craft off the ground, all you need is some pom poms and standard coasters. Once all that is arranged, the only thing left to do is stick the pom poms onto the coaster and you'll have your new and improved (and totally adorable) coasters.

5. Stick labels onto your storage containers

Credit: thesocialhome.blogspot.com

You can find all kinds of storage containers at your local dollar store. Whether you need some Tupperware or a container to store your sugar, it's likely you'll find what you're looking for. Adding matching pantry labels onto them makes for a nice finishing touch.

6. Turn a rubber doormat into a piece of art

Credit: salvagedior.com

You can usually find rubber mats at the dollar store, but if you have no need for it at your front door, you can always hang it up on your wall as a piece of decoration. Paint it using the colour of your choice and voila.

These can also be used to make beautiful headboards for your bedroom.

7. Transform your laundry basket using rope

Credit: iheartorganizing.com

You can quite easily make your own rope basket using nothing more than a plain laundry basket and some coloured rope. Aim for a thicker rope as it will give the basket more of a chic, polished appearance.

8. Use gold thumbtacks to make your own luxurious-looking decorations 

Credit: livelovediy.com

If there's one thing the dollar store is especially good for, it's for finding office and school supplies. So get yourself some gold thumbtacks and make your own piece of art in the design of something that means something to you.

9. Turn your mirror candles into a fancy plant pot

Credit: hisugarplum.com

There are plenty of ways you can reuse mirror candle holders. But if you want to make them into plant pots, the easiest way of doing that is by arranging the mirrors into a box and then glueing the sides together. Minimalistic and effective.

10. Make your plain flip flops a little fancier

Credit: mysocalledcraftylife.com

If you purchase a plain pair of flip flops, you can easily make them appear fancier by adding your own embellishments. The dollars store has numerous bits and pieces - such as faux flowers - that you could attach to your flip-flops.

So there we have it, making your own crafts doesn't have to be this big investment and it's certainly nothing to be wary of if you're not the most creative person in the world. Indeed, sometimes the simpler it is, the better.