One of the highlights of any vacation is, of course, the hotel room. Usually, the bed is a lot plusher than the one you have at home, and, if you're lucky, there will be a fully stocked minibar that you can help yourself to while enjoying what's hopefully a fantastic view. However, when it comes to vacation needs, children's are a little different than grownups - and they want something fun.

If you're a grownup, the options for hotel rooms are limitless, but themed suites for families are few and far between, which is a shame because the vacation memories we make as kids often last a lifetime. That's why, to save you the trouble of hunting down these gems, we've compiled a list of 15 of the best themed hotel rooms for kids in the world. Prepare to blow your kids' minds.

1. The Eloise Suite, The Plaza

 Credit: The Plaza

Inspired, of course, by the much-loved children's book Eloise: A Book for Precocious Grown-ups from 1995, this hotel room is any little princess (or prince's) dream, decorated with gorgeous striped wallpaper and various floral prints.

2. Despicable Me Kids Suites - Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

 Credit: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

Are you kids die-hard Despicable Me fans? Then this really is the hotel room for you. Your kids will love falling asleep in these pod-like beds while you sit in Gru's red chair reading your little minions a bedtime story.

3. Legoland Beach Retreat, Legoland Florida Resort

 Credit: LeFloridaFLorida Resort

We know what you're thinking. Does this hotel room contain any actual lego? Yup. Spot that little green box on the bedside table? So, when your kids have finished having fun at the park, they can rest here while continuing the adventure.

4. Finding Nemo Family Suites, Disney's Art of Animation Resort

 Credit: Walt Disney Studios

If there's one famous movie that's all about family, then it's Finding Nemo. So why not make memories that will last a lifetime with yours in this ocean-themed hotel room? The carpet looks just like the sea and even the kitchen matches!

5. Wolf Den Suite, Great Wolf Lodge

 Credit: Great Wolf Lodge

Kids love nothing more than making dens and treehouses so this hotel room is guaranteed to be a winner. With its own private den, they can keep themselves amused while the grownups have a rest in the adult part of the room. It's a win-win.

6. Space Theme Room, Fantasyland Hotel

 Credit: Fantasyland Hotel

This has got to be our personal favorite kid-friendly room - hands down. There are stars almost everywhere you look and there's a bonus ball for grownups AKA that jacuzzi they can rest in when their little astronauts are sleep. In short, it's out-of-this-world.

7. Drive-In Cinema Room, V8 Hotel-Motorworld Stuttgart

 Credit: V8 Hotel-Motorworld Stuttgart

Take a trip back in time with this drive-in cinema room, you and your kids can fall asleep under the stars. If any of them are big fans of cars, they'll love the classic Cadillac Coupe Deville. There's a lot of DVDs in the room so you can watch a movie too!

8. Double Bed Ensuite Cockpit, Jumbo Stay

 Credit: Jumbo Stay

If your kid is more of a plane than a car person, we've got your back too. And if you're thinking, "Hey that room looks pretty small to be in an actual hotel!" Well, your right. It's actually inside the cockpit of a 747 jumbo yet from the seventies.

9. Treehouse Suite, Aventure Suites: The Theme Hotel

 Credit: Adventure Suites

One thing which we wish we could have done as kids is sleep in a treehouse, but there were a few obstacles our my way - namely, temperature. But this hotel room is better than any treehouse we ever visited as kids and yup, that's a carousel horse that your kids can actually ride. There are two stories and even a jacuzzi for the grownups to relax in. Talk about #VacationGoals.

10. Big Pyjama Room, Alton Towers Hotel

 Credit: Alton Towers Hotel

We don't think we need to explain why kids would love this hotel room. And, in our opinion, it would be the perfect place to watch Up! Imagine the essay they'd go on to write at school about that time they stayed in a hot air balloon bed.

11. Wizard Chambers, Georgian House Hotel

 Credit: Georgian House Hotel

Are your 11-year-olds disappointed that they haven't got a letter from Hogwarts yet? If the answer's yes (which, let's face it, it will be), then why not treat them to the next best thing with this wizard-themed hotel suite. It's in a hotel from the 19th century, so you're sure to get the Hogwarts vibe you're looking for - and there's even a fireplace if you happen to find some Floo powder!

12. Octonauts Room, CBebbies Land Hotel

 Credit: Anthony Devlin

If your kids love space but are a little too young to stay in some of the other out-of-this-world rooms on this list, then this is a great alternative. Not only is it appropriately themed, but it comes with an interactive play wall.

13. The Pineapple Suite – Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana

 Credit: Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts

 Credit: Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?! Spongebob-wait, it could be your family on your next vacation. This hotel has got everything you need for the whole family, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and even has its own portholes!

14. Kingdom, Pirate and Adventure Rooms - LEGOLAND California Hotel

 Credit: Legoland California Hotel

What we love most about this room is the fact that it's got a sign which reads, "Ye Olde Adults Keep Out!" And aside from the incredible decor, any kids who stay in this room will be kept busy with an in-room treasure hunt provided by the hotel.

15. Jurassic Park Kids Suites - Loews Royal Pacific Resort

 Credit: Loews Royal Pacific Resort

Are your kids brave enough to stay in Jurassic Park? Luckily, the only dinosaurs you'll find in this room are of the cuddly variety, but it's definitely a fabulous room if you've got older children and want to stay somewhere a little different.