1. Perfect gift for all levels

We’ve developed a soap making kit for all levels of soap making experience. Or any king of crafting, for that matter. Fancy yourself as an expert maker of soap? Bring it on we say, we’d absolutely love to see your creative flair by mixing colours and different designed bars of soap! And if you’re a total newby; no sweat! The Soap Making Kit has everything you need to go from start to finish, along with a handy craft along instructional video for you to follow along with the Craft Factory team. 

2. Get creative

Making artisanal soaps is a terrific hobby to pick up because it’s both creative and practical. Soap making is a great way of expressing yourself, your personality and your creativity. It’s a consumable art form that is as fun to make as it'll be fantastic to use or give away as gifts.

Creative soap designs


3. Delicious scents

Having tested what may be considered a rather ridiculous amount of different scents with the Craft Factory community, it was decided that The Original Soap Making Kit would come with a strawberry and mango scent. Fruity bars of soap for the win!


4. Eco-Friendly Commitment and Recyclable packaging

Maybe you want to go plastic free or at least try reduce your use of plastics but you’re so busy that it slowly slips down the priority list. Before you throw away yet another shower gel bottle, skip the guilt by remembering that our Soap Making Kit is made from only ethically sourced materials to make it as eco-friendly as possible. So not only do you get an amazing bar of lovingly hand crafted soap, you also get to alleviate your plastic guilt at the same time! Winning!

We've worked very closely with our supplier to ensure we’re using recyclable materials where possible. Please do your bit and support our planet by recycling again. There’s no plan(et) B!


5. Pure glycerin soap for the win

Our handmade glycerin soap contains more glycerin than commercially made soap. So what, we hear you cry!? Well, glycerin actually provides moisture in the finished product with no alcohols or other chemical based ingredients that the mass produced stuff often contains. This ultimately means less irritation, it locks in moisture and prevents your skin from over-drying. Boom!


6. Amazing value for money

Our Soap Making Kit comes with a very generous 800g block of soap. This is a lot of soap, so you’ll see it go far. We envisage10 lots of 100g bars of different coloured soap dotted around the house. In the kitchen, in the bathroom. Your creations may even make it into the office. Too much soap? Gift it to your friends and family!

Head over here to get your hands on the soap making kit, and lets get crafting!