1. Perfect gift for all levels

We’ve developed a Candle Making Kit that is accessible for all levels of experience, when it comes to crafting. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert, there’s still creative flair to be executed with these kits by using the array of colours provided. Likewise if you’re brand new to crafting and/or making your own candles, we provide all the components needed, and a handy craftalong instructional video for you to follow the Craft Factory team. Have fun with it!

Beginner Candle Making Kits

2. Practice mindfulness 

Candle making can be an incredible act of mindfulness. Remove yourself from the daily grind and take some time for yourself and make something from scratch. Going through the crafting processes will allow your mind to focus your attention on the job in hand, expressing creativity and channelling your emotions. Do more for yourself. Create a candle, or two!


Handmade Crafts


3. Relaxing scents

Having tested an array of different scents with the Craft Factory community, it was decided that The Original Candle Making Kit would come with a vanilla scent. Inject some calm into your living space. 

Best smelling candles

 4. Sustainably sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly soy wax

Why use plastic when you can use sustainably grown and sourced wood? While other kits may come with plastic stirrers we opted for reusable wood that is 100% compostable.

Derived from soybean oil, soy wax is a vegetable wax and therefore natural substance that’s biodegradable. Soy wax also has a slower melting point than your standard paraffin candles, meaning your candle creations will burn slower and for longer.

Soy Wax Candles

5. Recyclable packaging 

We've worked very closely with our supplier to ensure we’re using recyclable materials where possible. Please do your bit and support our planet by recycling again. There’s no plan(et) B!


6. Incredible value for money

It’s common for high street retail brands to make large profits from candles they sell in their shops. You’ll often find candles in high street stores selling for upwards of £40.

However, with our craft kit can make your very own candles with fulfilling scents and save yourself some money doing it.

Our Candle Making Kit comes with a very generous 750g of soy wax, resulting in 2x 375g candles in 38cl glass jars. That’s a combined burn time of around 120 hours (60 hours per candle)!

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