1. Making something improves your mood

Whether it’s breakfast or an array of candles, making something yourself is a great way to relax. Seeing the results of our hard work and efforts in something tangible that we’ve made fills us with pride and happiness. 

Laughing with bubbles from crafting soap

From the extremely satisfying melting process to lighting your candle for the very first time and smelling the sweet scent of vanilla, our candle making kit is perfect for those looking to make something beautiful and useful.

2. Giving away something you’ve made is invigorating 

Giving is a huge part of being human. It helps us create bonds with those around us. But the type of gift matters - we all know that hollow feeling when we give someone a voucher, am I right? 

Making a gift for someone adds a level of participation that you just can’t get from other gifts. Crafting soap or a candles for someone shows that you’re investing effort into the relationship with them, which is the best gift of all. 

But you don’t only have to give away a completed candle or soap kit. Giving someone a craft kit is just as enjoyable. It’s investing in their mental health and giving them a way to challenge themselves in ways they’re not used to.

candle and soap kit as a gift

3. Using homemade soap at bath time

Once all the messy crafting is done, it’s time to clean up and there’s no better way to do that than a nice relaxing bath. Grab your homemade candles, your homemade soap and get soaking in the tub. Take a moment to recognise that you’ve made this moment for yourself. 

Handmade Candle In Bath

4. A candlelit environment is calming and serene

The flickering light from a candle is extremely soothing. There’s something incredibly human about lighting our environment with a flame. Our reliance on electricity removes us from that experience, so why not take the time to reconnect with your more elemental self? Candles will bring romance, ambience and atmosphere into your environment, which will help to release your stresses, unlock your creativity and open your soul to new possibilities. Not to mention, it looks fantastic too.

Lighting your home with homemade candlelight

5. Washing your hands puts your mind at ease

After the last few years, we’re all a little more obsessed with washing our hands. But hand sanitisers and alcohols can be brutal for our skin. The soap in our kits is gentle on the skin and do a great job at keeping you squeaky clean and germ-free. No more covid-anxiety!

wash hands with handmade soap