5 Ways Craft Kits Enhance Wellness

Whether it’s breakfast or an array of candles, making something yourself is a great way to relax. And what's more, hand-made gifts are super-meaningful to give away. Once all the messy crafting is done, it’s time to clean up and there’s no better way to do that than a nice relaxing bath with your newly made candles and soap.
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6 Great Reasons to Try our Candle Making Kit

Are you looking for a new hobby? Are you looking for new ways to unleash your creativity? Didn't you say you had always wanted to make something fun, rewarding, unique? If so, then you should consider Craft Factory's Candle Making Kit. Here are 6 other great reasons why this is one of the best candle making kits on the market.
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6 Awesome Reasons to Craft our Soap Making Kit

Would you like to take up a new hobby? Do you think twice about what products you use on your body? Did you know that soap making is one of the most rewarding crafts you can do? Think about it, besides getting an awesome end product that is free from nasty chemicals and nicer to your skin, the process of cutting, colouring, and designing your own soap is incredibly satisfying. Still on the fence? Check out these other great reasons to try our soap making kit today.
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2 Craft Kits For £50

Stuck on thoughtful Christmas gift ideas? Our craft kits make the ideal gift; practice mindfulness, have some fun with friends and family and enjoy a final product of 800g of handmade soap or 2 premium candles per craft kit. There's no better time to try our kits as for a limited time, enjoy £10 off when you buy 2. The discount will be automatically added to your basket when you add 2. Need more convincing? Check out our top reasons to gift a candle making kit here or our top reasons to gift a soap making kit here.   

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Stick To Playtime: Back To School Crafts with Elmer's Glue

Star Shaker Notebook  You will need:  Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue Stick Plain notebook  Card (the same size as your notebook cover)  Card border (the same size as your notebook cover)  Plastic sheet (the same size as your notebook cover)  Sequins  Method:  Draw or paint your preferred design onto a piece of card the same size as your notebook cover Once finished, stick this design to the cover of your notebook Add a line of Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue to the outside edge of the cover and stick the card border on top.  Sprinkle some sequins into the middle of the...

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21 Playgrounds You Would Never Want To Let Your Kid Loose In

When you're a kid, there are few things more enjoyable than going to a playpark. It's a chance to have fun and, if you're lucky, make some new friends. And, let's face it, the bigger a playpark is, the better! No one wants to spend all day on a swing. I was lucky enough to live near a park with a giant slide, jungle gyms, swings, and a roundabout when I was younger, and it provided me with hours of fun. It was also a great way for my parents to entertain me when money was tight. And speaking of...

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