Clever paper crafts to get creative with!

Here are some clever paper crafts that you and your kids will enjoy making!     Spiral paper box  Credit: Jungle Creations You will need: Stencil Paper in various colours Scissors   Method: Use the stencil to trace the shape onto coloured paper, you will need 10, then cut them out. Fold the ends of each of the cut outs. Start layering up the ends of the shapes, positioning them like a clock as you go. The ends should slot one under the other, locking in. If the layers don’t hold together well you can add a cute sticker or...

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15 Creative Ways To Use Cinder Blocks In Your Home

When building anything, it's always a good idea to buy more materials than necessary. If you buy, say, just the right amount of bricks and one smashes, you're going to have a problem on your hands. And that's not to mention the fact that most materials are typically cheaper to buy in bulk, so unless you're seriously strapped for cash, leftovers will be inevitable. However, while these leftovers might, on the surface, seem useless. With the right knowledge, they can actually be used to decorate your abode to perfection. Case in point, these 20 inventive ways to use cinder blocks...

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Awesome DIY Harry Potter crafts

These Harry Potter crafts make great gifts for your Potter-mad friends and family. They are really easy to make so follow along with our video and let's get cracking! Hogwarts House’s Bookmarks  Credit: Jungle Creations You will need: Felt Scissors Glue Pen   Method: Draw out the shape of a tie onto a piece of felt the main colour of your choice of Hogwarts house. Cut up thin strips of felt in the other house colour. Apply glue to tto he time where you want the strips and stick them on. Cut off the excess. Make the ‘knot’ of the...

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How To Make Your Own Swimming Pool Out Of Just Nine Wooden Pallets

  I am privileged enough to have a lot of happy memories from my childhood. Looking back, it's hard to establish what made each moment so memorable, but I guess, if I were to really put my mind to it, I would realize that a great deal of them centered around the fact that I was blessed to have a pool as a child. It's a simple thing, a swimming pool. Just a giant vessel filled with questionably clean (and usually cold) water. But for a child, it can provide endless hours of fun and entertainment. Even the smell of chlorine...

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20 Incredible Pokémon DIYs That Will Help Your Kids Catch 'Em All

Since its launch in 1996, Pokémon has become a worldwide phenomenon. In the late nineties and early noughties, in particular, the trading card game was the ultimate trend, with people vying to obtain coveted cards like Mew and Charizard. And in 2016, it suddenly regained the popularity of its glory days thanks to the launch of the mobile app Pokémon GO! As a result, the game is now a cross-generational phenomenon, and when people aren't playing it, whether it's on their phone or a classic device like the almighty Gameboy, they still want to make their love of the animated world...

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Mom's Genius Pacifier Bedtime Hack Goes Viral And We've No Idea Why We Didn't Think Of It First

Getting a baby to sleep through the night is no mean feat. They are, after all, little humans, and as a result, the littlest of things can set them off. While some, like hunger, are totally understandable, there are others which are extremely frustrating for us parents - like their pacifier falling out of their mouths. We need to sleep too! One mom, Laura Gerson from Essex, England, however, has come up with a genius solution to this particular problem. She said that after installing a video monitor in her daughter Amelia's bedroom, she realized how much losing her pacifier...

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