20 Of The Most Ingenious Hacks Suggested By Parents, For Parents

It's often said that it takes a village to raise a child - and it's true. Kids have a lot of needs, and meeting them all can be overwhelming. There may only be a few literal octomoms in existence, but most parents can attest to the fact that they wish they had a few more arms when running after their children, especially in their earlier and more dependent years. Thankfully, we humans have been around for such a long time that, collectively, we've got parenting town to a tee. And now that we're living in the age of technology, with...

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How To Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaning Slime, Perfect For Hard To Reach Places

One of the biggest phenomenons to sweep the younger generation in recent years is slime. Gooey, icky, and a lot of fun to mold and play with, if you've got a kid under the age of eight, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. But the brilliance of slime goes beyond being a fun toy for kids. For us grownups, it's the cleaning tool we didn't know we needed, and its stickiness can be easily used to clean a variety of hard-to-reach spots that would otherwise become a breeding ground for dust and dirt bunnies. But perhaps best of all...

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Six Clever And Timeless Ways To Repurpose Your Mom's Old Wedding Dress

The most important dress a woman will ever own is the one she wears on her wedding day. That's why so many bridezillas come out in department stores - women are keen to find a garment that will not only impress their beau, but radiate timeless beauty. After all, no one wants to look back on their wedding snaps and cringe when they realize they looked like a giant meringue. Because my mom was pretty strapped for cash when she got married in the 80s, she decided to cut a corner in this particular department (and has regretted it ever since)...

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Stylish Clothing Hacks That Will Stop You Throwing Out Your Favorite Threads

Clothes are one of the biggest expenses in our lives, and, unfortunately, one of the biggest pollutants on the planet. Fast fashion dominates our high streets, creating what can seem like sky high landfills full of clothes that have only been worn a handful of times. That's why recycling in this area is so important. If you don't love it anymore, the chances are that someone else will - whether it's a friend or a stranger in a charity shop. To put the current problem into context, the amount of textile waste in the US has doubled in the past...

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15 Utterly Adorable And Useful Ways You Can Use Leftover Baby Food Jars

1. A pincushion  Credit: craftpudding.blogspot.com Aside from a baby food jar, you will need a glue gun, thread, needle, polyfill, a piece of fabric cut in a 5" diameter circle and enough ribbon to fit around the jar lid. Using your needle and thread, sew around the circular fabric but do not finish it entirely. Make sure the stitch is simple as you will need to pull the thread to close the circle. While doing this, your glue gun should be getting hot and ready for use. Then place the polyfill in the middle of the fabric, before pulling the thread...

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Stick To Playtime With These Gluey Easter Crafts

Easter Bunny Slime Gift Jars You will need: Elmer’s Glitter Slime KitElmer’s Washable Transparent Pink Colour GlueElmer’s Metallic Magical LiquidLarge BowlSpoon3x Small JarsFelt, Pom Poms & Googly Eyes (for decoration) Instructions: Pour the contents of Elmer’s Washable Transparent Pink Colour Glue into a bowl and mix with Elmer’s Metallic Magical Liquid until you reach a slime consistency.Fill one small jar with the slime and decorate it with felt bunny ears, whiskers, googly eyes and a pom pom nose.Repeat this process with the Elmer’s Glitter Slime Kit, creating slime with (1) Elmer’s Purple Glitter Glue and (2) Elmer’s Blue Glitter Glue,...

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