If you're like us and you love finding new and practical ways to unleash your creativity, then you probably know how good, fun and rewarding candle making can be. Candles are one of those do-it-yourself practical crafts that contributes greatly to your health and wellness, Its also a great group activity for friends and families. 

While making your standard candle can be straight forward, there are a number of ways you can express your personality and spice up your candle crafts.

Here are 3 ways to take your candle crafts to the next level.

1. Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!
- Stickers
Everyone loves stickers! While you can find an extensive range in most stores, you can take this further and get make it more personal.
Here's how Too Cute Crafting's Zoe used stickers to spice up her candles.

Candle Stickers
- Shells
She crafts sea shells on the sea floor? From the sea floor to the top draw, make your craft extra unique by adding some sea shells to your creation. The best way to do this is to create and design your candle then add the sea shells just before your candle wax sets.

2. Sense-perience
Create a sensory experience by adding coffee beans or dried mandarin slices to your creation for an extra special candle. This technique is easy, inexpensive and brings great results!

3. Techniques
- Marbling
This is a great technique that can be used to achieve great results.  Simply let your soy wax start to cool then poke 2-4 holes. Melt your dyes and once they are liquid you can begin to fill the holes with your liquid dyes.
Now you want to heat the candle with the heating tool (a hair dryer would work). You want to focus on heating the outside surface of the jar in the area where the dye is located.

Crafters Tip:
You want to stop just short of where you want the colour to be, because the dye will continue to spread after you remove the heat. So, if you don’t want the colour to go too far, ease off early.

- Glitter Candles
Glitter is a great and inexpensive way to add a bit more spice to your candle craft. Its also very easy to achieve and the results are great! To achieve this effect, we would recommend you get your hands on "fine" glitter, this allows your candle to have a foiled look that gives it a premium finish. 
To do this technique all you have to do is follow our candle making instructional and then add in your glitter while the wax is still cooling after you've poured the wax into the jar.

Now we're sure you cant wait to get started so grab yourself one of our candle kits and get started today.