Since the late nineties, children and grownups alike have been enchanted by a then-penniless mother's story of a boy wizard. Penned in Edinburgh cafés while her baby daughter slept, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series became some of the best-selling children's books of all time, following Harry's seven-year journey at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Rowling has, herself, said that the books are written for obsessives: people who like to know every detail about a world. So it's no wonder then that their cinematic adaptations have been equally popular. Most of us can attest to the excitement we felt as we saw the wizarding world on the big screen for the first time - from screaming mandrakes to the intricate beauty of Hermione's time turner. Now, there are countless Harry Potter crafts out there which allow you to create some of this magic at home!

Here are 15 of the best:

1. Make your own glittery wand

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Although it's it possible to buy recreations of the wands in the movies, crafts are not only considerably cheaper, but a lot more fun for the aspiring wizards and witches in your life too. All you need to make wants like the ones pictured above are sticks, paint, glitter, and string. Simply select your wand length, paint it, cover it and glitter and then attach the string as shown above.

2. Cornish pixie jar

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While I certainly wouldn't want a mischevious Cornish pixie in my house, I wouldn't say no to a Cornish pixie lantern, and it turns out that they're relatively easy to make. There's even a free printable available with the tutorial.

3. Are you a wizard with a glue gun? Then you have to check out this more complicated wand craft!


Bonus points for your house if you stuck with that video long enough to see the other hacks included - like the floating keys.

4. Harry's glasses

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Not all Harry Potter crafts have to be complicated. And as we parents know, if you're creating with kids, they still get a real sense of accomplishment from even simple crafts. So why not make Harry's glasses with pipe cleaners?

5. Quddich hoops

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The beauty of this craft is that it looks fantastic, but is relatively simple to make. All you need are some beanbags, paint and wooden planks. Cut out holes to substitute Quidditch hoops, paint your boards accordingly and voilà!

6. Floating candles


One of the most iconic scenes in the first movie is when Harry steps into the Great Hall for the first time, looks up and sees the floating candles, and while you might think such things can only be found in the movies, you can make them for yourself.

7. Dobby's sock toss

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Got a smaller budget or scared of painting house colors? No worries. With just a whiteboard, two containers and socks, you can make Dobby's Sock Toss. Compete against your family and friends to see who can make him a free elf first.

8. Licorice Wands

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The internet is awash with brilliant Harry Potter cutouts and if you're looking to hold a themed party, or even just impress the muggles in your life, you should use them to your advantage by creating your own little Honeydukes!

9. Ministry of Magic sign

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Simply print out this sign and attach it to your toilet. Genius.

10. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened...

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Throwing a Harry Potter party? Then you have to do this to your bathroom mirror. All you need is red lipstick.

11. Polyjuice Potion Slimes

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Throughout the Harry Potter movies and books, we see a lot of potions and spells being used, but one of the most memorable is definitely the Polyjuice Potion, which has the ability to turn a person into someone else entirely. Create your own by following this simple slime tutorial.*

*Actual magic not guaranteed.

12. Harry Potter drinks

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Ah, Hogsmeade. I got the chance to sort of visit at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and sip on some of the incredible drinks that featured in the novels. And if you're throwing a Harry Potter party, you can add some extra magic to the ordinary drinks your putting on offer by attaching these drink cover printables.

13. Dobby's tombstone

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IMO, this is a brilliant way to add some character to your garden. All you need to do is find or buy a suitably shaped rock and then chisel or paint "HERE LIES DOBBY A FREE ELF" on top. Sad, but pretty epic at the same time.

14. Make your own Bowtruckle

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Even though the Harry Potter movies ended in 2011, new life was breathed into the franchise with Fantastic Beasts, and it turns out that with relatively few materials you can create your own Bowtruckle friend. The full craft is available here. Isn't he cute?!

15. Brew your own Butterbeer


Have you always fantasized about drinking butterbeer with friends but lack the means to visit one of the few locations it's available? Fantasize no longer. There is a tutorial which will enable you to brew your own in no time. Cheers to that!

No words can describe the disappointment I felt when my 11th birthday came around and I didn't receive a letter from Hogwarts, but now that I'm clued up on just how easy it is to bring a little bit of the wizarding world's magic into my muggle life, I don't feel so bad. In fact, I'm tempted to throw a Harry Potter party so elaborate my friends will be talking about it for years to come.