Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts That Your Secret Santa Will Actually Appreciate

It doesn't matter how organized you are, at Christmas, there is never enough time to get everything done. Inevitably, the festive chaos will have you forget something important. Whether it be remembering to buy enough mince pies or forgetting to make your child a costume for their starring role in the school Christmas play, we have all been there. But whilst these incidents may be easily rectified (every parent by now knows how to knock up a shepherd costume at last minute) there are some slips of the mind that are rather unforgivable. For example, forgetting to get someone a...

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3 Ways to Spice Up Your Candle Making

If you're like us and you love finding new and practical ways to unleash your creativity, then you probably know how good, fun and rewarding candle making can be. In this article we go over 3 hacks that will take your candle making to the next level.
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Spooky Make-Up Designs For Halloween

  We’ve got Halloween covered this year thanks to Fruittella. In the second instalment of our Spooky Sundays series, we’re bringing you all the drama with these Halloween face paint looks, creating a Mummy, a Witch and a Skull - something for everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for more Halloween inspiration, as Fruittella and Craft Factory have got Halloween all wrapped up.   Witch Items needed: Yellow Face Paint Green Face Paint Water Spray Bottle Small Face Sponge Various Sized Paint Brushes Greaseproof Paper Liquid Latex Cotton Bud Rice Puffs Directions: Spray the water based face paint with water using the...

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Stick To Playtime: Halloween Crafts With Elmer's

Decorated Pumpkin  You Will Need:  Pumpkin  White Paint  Paint Brush Elmer’s Purple Glitter Glue (Elmer’s Spooky Slime Kit) Elmer’s Green Glitter Glue (Elmer’s Spooky Slime Kit) Elmer’s Black & Orange Glue Pens (Elmer’s Spooky Slime Kit)   Method: Paint the pumpkin white all over, this will help the colours stand out even better! Leave to dry  Once dry, turn the pumpkin onto it’s slide and add dots using the different colours of Elmer’s Glitter Glues all over.  Leave to dry, turn the pumpkin around and repeat into the next section.    Treat Bags   You Will Need:  Elmer’s Extra Strength Glue...

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Weird & Wonderful Pumpkin Designs For Halloween

  This October, in the lead up to Halloween, every Sunday Craft Factory will be giving you all the inspiration you could need to make this spooky season one to remember. From DIY costumes, to spooky facepaints and even some super simple yet scary decorations you can make at home Fruittella and Craft Factory have got Halloween all wrapped up. In our first of the series we’re bringing you Pumpkin crafts…     Spider Pumpkin Items needed: Pumpkin Ribbon White Paint Black Paint  Fake Spider  2 x Sponge Directions: Take your pumpkin - be aware that we will be painting so...

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These crafty hacks mean kids with allergies can enjoy Halloween safely

This article is brought to you by Piriton*. Please check that all items and ingredients included in the craft activity are suitable for the particular child/children. Having allergies doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the spook-tacular fun and games of Halloween. With our crafty hacks for the most hair-raising time of the year, kids can enjoy themselves safely without fear of allergies getting in the way. Meringue Bones - Dairy Free Ingredients:  5 Eggs 200g Caster Sugar Raspberry jam - Raspberries and sugar   Preheat oven to 170F. In a large heat proof bowl, crack an egg...

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