20 Incredible Crafts That Will Change The Way You Look At Toilet Roll Tubes Forever

20 Incredible Crafts That Will Change The Way You Look At Toilet Roll Tubes Forever

One of the most recyclable items all households have in abundance are toilet roll tubes. And, unless you happen to have a furry friend who'll make use of them, they really are, on the surface, useless. But with the right knowledge and imagination, you can easily upcycle them into a variety of items which are not only useful, but look so good it's hard to believe what they're made from.

So, if you're looking to de-clutter your home while being environmentally friendly, or simply want to make your kid a toy that they'll get hours of pleasure from, read on, because we've compiled a list of 20 of the best toilet roll DIYs that the internet has to offer. From Cinderella castles to cutlery holders, you can do a lot more than you think with toilet roll tubes!

1. DIY Cinderella Castle

Credit: incywincyartclub.wordpress.com

Has your kid been nagging you for their very own miniature castle? Well, before you rush off to the nearest toy store and spend your hard earned cash on overpriced plastic, get out your coloring pens, paint, cardboard, and glue and recreate this beauty.

2. DIY Bird Feeder

Credit: theresourcefulmama.com

Get your kids to help you help the local wildlife by creating these DIY bird feeders. If you have more than one little helper, get one to cover the tube with peanut butter and another to roll it in the bird seed and voilà!

3. DIY Makeup Holder

Credit: coastalliving.com

With a combination of toilet and kitchen roll tubes, you can easily make a makeup holder to suit all of your needs. Totally customizable, you can make it to suit your decor, or even create a theme if you are making one for a friend.

4. Toilet Roll Rocket

Credit: recycled-crafts.com

It's no secret that kids love playing with rockets and either with a combination of toilet roll tubes or a kitchen roll tube, you can easily create a DIY one. Watch with a smile on your face as your little one goes to infinity and beyond!

5. DIY Daisys

Credit: craftideas.info

With nothing more than paint, thin sticks, buttons and glue, you can create gorgeous daisies to decorate your home. These would make a great housewarming present for a friend; they're unique and come with the added bonus of the personal touch.

6. DIY Phone Holder

Credit: usefuldiy.com

Sometimes you need to keep an eye on your phone but don't want to actually have it glued to your hand. Luckily, for less than a dollar, you can easily make a stand to do this using a toilet roll tube. It sparkles like your (slightly) fuller bank account!

7. Toilet Roll Octopuses

Credit: minieco.co.uk

This is a great DIY if you've got younger kids. It's simple to make and will provide them with a lot of fun afterward!

8. DIY Toy Garage

Credit: bystredziecko.pl

Are your kids' toy cars taking up too much space in your house? Are you struggling to motivate them to put them away? Then why not use your old toilet roll tubes to create a toy garage? It's a great storage solution that will also encourage your kids to be tidy!

9. Toilet Roll Ninjas

Credit: blog.hobbycraft.co.uk

With nothing more than toilet roll tubes, paint, and straws you can easily create these awesome ninja toys for your kid.

10. DIY Chord Holders

Credit: diyall.net

There is nothing more frustrating than putting cables in a drawer and having them becoming entangled within each other. It also increases the chances of them breaking, but that doesn't need to be the case if you use toilet roll tubes to hold them!

11. DIY Glasses

Credit: pinkstripeysocks.com

If there's one thing which kids love as much as DIY, it's dressing up. So encourage your kids to get creative with this glasses DIY.

12. Toilet Roll Minions

Credit: musely.com

Are your kids obsessed with Gru and his band of minions? Then the next time it's a rainy day (or a snow day), why not spent the afternoon creating toilet roll tube minions? They're simple to make, look great and your kids will have fun with them afterward!

13. DIY Crown

Credit: kidskubby.com

Another great dress up DIY using toilet roll holders is this crown. Perhaps you can make your little prince or princess one after making them a castle? We think that this DIY crown actually looks better than ones we've seen in stores!

14. DIY Pencil Holders

Credit: justimagine-ddoc.com

Go into any stationary store and you'll see that it costs more than a pretty penny for a pencil holder, especially if it's got a fashionable look like this one which you can make at home with nothing more than glue, twigs, and toilet roll tubes!

15. Toilet Roll Peacock

Credit: makefilmplay.com

If your kids love painting and you want to give them a DIY project that's a little more challenging than the likes of the octopus one earlier in this list, then this DIY toilet roll peacock is for you. Use pictures of real peacocks as inspiration for its feathers!

16. Toilet Roll Tube Cars

Credit: google.es

This DIY is proof that, with a little effort, you can turn just about anything into a kid's toy. And let's face it, they'll have a lot more fun going through the process of making one than simply going to a store and picking out what they want.

17. DIY Butterfly Decoration

Credit: ashleyscraftspot.blogspot.com

Proof that you don't need to spend a fortune decorating your home, this DIY butterfly is guaranteed to impress your house guests.

18. DIY Cutlery Holders

Credit: recyclart.org

Decorating your table for holidays can be an expensive business, with some families forking out hundreds making their table look perfect before they've even thought about cooking. But with this DIY you can, at least, make cutlery holders for next to nothing.

19. DIY Inside Out Characters

Credit: meaningfulmama.com

If Inside Out is more up your kids' street than Despicable Me (or maybe they love both of them), then you have to try out this Inside Out DIY. It's also a great idea if you're looking for characters who're a little more challenging than the minions to make!

20. Toilet Roll Dinosaurs

Credit: thecrafttrain.com

Some kids don't care for animals that are around these days, all they want are dinosaurs, and with a steady cutting hand and a little paint, they're yet another fantastic DIY you can make from toilet rule tubes. Better still, your little ones can also help!

Now, we don't know about you, but we think these DIYs are so good that none of us here at Craft Factory will ever look at toilet roll tubes the same way again. Have we missed out on any toilet roll DIYs? Let us know in the comments section.