20 Dads Whose Hilarious Parenting Fails Prove That Moms Should Probably Be Left In Charge

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20 Dads Whose Hilarious Parenting Fails Prove That Moms Should Probably Be Left In Charge

Parenting is a stressful job. We love our kids more than anything else in the world, and the sacrifices that we have to make for them come as second nature - even if they are annoying from time to time. And in heterosexual couples, because of the strain this puts on women (after, y'know, the whole giving birth thing), it's dads who're often seen as the more laid back parents.

As a result, when dads are left in charge of their little angels, common sense tends to go out of the window as they turn into virtual children themselves. Whether that involves giving them a bubble beard, finding unusual ways to entertain them, or simply turning the parent-child roles on their head and having their kids run after them for a change. Little beer holders, eh?!

So, without further ado, here are 20 dads whose hilarious parenting fails prove that moms should probably be left in charge...

1. When you're a dad and decide to turn yourself into a kangaroo

Credit: Source Unknown

That's one baby who definitely isn't getting cold this weekend.

2. Now that's what I call a badass baby

Credit: Source Unknown

I'd be willing to bet my right arm that his dad's a biker!

3. Bubble fun

Credit: Imgur / @MelissaNas

It looks like baby and dad had a lot of fun at bathtime!

4. Oh dear...

Credit: Source Unknown

When it comes to helping their daughters get ready, dads don't have a clue.

5. That's one way to stop your baby crawling off

Credit: Twitter / @sensusezik

It's the baby equivalent of tying up a dog - and definitely something moms would never do.

6. It's amazing how a "monk do" can age you

Credit: Reddit / @goodgriefwoman

If this kid wasn't so small, you could actually mistake him for a man his 50s. Good job, dad.

7. Talk about being a daddy's girl!

Credit: Source Unknown

If his little girl wants a swing, she's going to get a swing - even when that means, quite literally, becoming the swing.

8. Terrifying

Credit: Reddit / @64536453

I really hope that placing paper eyebrows on babies is a trend somewhere on the internet.

9. "The only way my 3 day-old daughter would fall asleep. After two hours of carrying her around, I got hungry"

Credit: Reddit / @2nie

Well, you can't really criticize this dad. A man's got to eat!

10. "My son was Joe Rogan for his first Halloween"

Credit: Reddit / @Taylor_Satine

He'll definitely appreciate this when he's older.

11. This dad decided to have his kids pamper him on Father's Day

Credit: Reddit / @hafelnuts

The little girl holding the beer looks less than impressed.

12. "I asked my brother how my niece was doing and he sent me this. I don't think he's taking fatherhood seriously"

Credit: Imgur / @AlexBates1991

Heil baby!

13. Well, this is terrifying

Credit: Reddit / @TheIncredibleAtheist

Seriously, if this kid's mom walked in and saw this, she probably screamed the place down - and I don't blame her.

14. I think this kid is happy...

Credit: Reddit / @furygoat

Emphasis on the think.

15. When fun and dangerous combine

Credit: Source Unknown

Let's just hope this dad has the good sense not to go too fast on his quad bike.

16. Multitasking at its finest

Credit: Reddit / @daedalus_78

You have to hand it to this dad for ingenuity.

17. "Found my husband like this getting our one-year-old to bed"

Credit: Imgur / @gmlgp9868

I mean, at least he got the job done!

18. What a view

Credit: Reddit / @TautYetMalleable

Poor girl.

19. Kiwi baby

Credit: Source Unknown

Well, the resemblance is impossible to deny.

20. "Mom left dad alone with the baby for one hour and came back to this"

Credit: Twitter / @Krunchy_Kitten

They grow up so fast!

So moms, when you inevitably have to leave your kid alone with their dad, at least take comfort in the knowledge that you might get a hilarious snap in exchange for all the worrying you do when your, if we're totally honest, two kids are left alone together.


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