17 St. Patrick's Day Crafts That Will Lead Your Kids To A Pot Of Golden Fun

17 St. Patrick's Day Crafts That Will Lead Your Kids To A Pot Of Golden Fun

One of the most popular holidays around the world is St. Patrick's Day. Originally a celebration of St. Patrick bringing Catholicism to Ireland and freeing the people of their protestant woes, it has now turned into a celebration of Irishness in all its glory, with annual parades taking place in many cities that are flooded by green-glad attendees.

In fact, the Chicago River is actually dyed green for the occasion. Most of us, however, dawn our best leprechaun hats, tricolor flags if we have them, and tuck into a pint of Guinness served the Irish way - as in, it must be carefully served in a two-part pour; if it's just served in one, it doesn't taste as good. Trust me, my name's Guinness. Seriously.

And if you're looking to get creative with your little leprechauns this March 17, there are plenty of crafts available...

1. Popstickle stick leprechaun hats

Credit: theresourcefulmama.com

This is a great craft which will encourage your kids to get creative, but perhaps best of all, it's super easy to execute. All you need are popsicle sticks, paint, glue and, of course, some card for the buckle!

2. Marshmallow shamrocks

Credit: thepinterestedparent.com

This simple craft is perfect for younger children who want to see the results of their handiwork fast and, as the picture above demonstrates, only requires marshmallows and green paint. Just be sure they don't eat the mallows afterward!

3. A paperchain pot of gold

Credit: allfreekidscrafts.com

Yes, as hard as it might be to believe, paper chains aren't just for Christmas time. St Paddy's Day is a great opportunity for kids to have some "craic" as the Irish say, and make some to create a hanging pot of gold. All that's required is multicolored card, and, of course, a steady hand to cut out the coins and pot!

4. A rainbow

Credit: anightowlblog.com

There's a pot of gold at the end of rainbows. So why not decorate your house with them using this paper plate craft?

Need to brush up on your St Patrick's Day knowledge?

This video will help you out: 

5. Paper plate shamrock

Credit: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Paper plates can also be used to create shamrocks. Bur for the full Irish effect, splash out on some gold sparkles and put them in the middle. After all, four-leaf clovers are famously lucky!

6. Leprechaun mask

Credit: Pinterest / @simplytodaylife

This is a particularly great craft because it's reusable. One day your kids are making leprechaun masks using this tutorial, the next, their grown-up faces are peeking out of the same paper plate hole!

7. End-of-the-rainbow twirlers

Credit: onecreativemommy.com

If your kids are a little more ambitious, this is probably the craft for them. Because there's more painting involved, it will take longer to create, but as the pictures above demonstrate, the result is impressive! Check out the tutorial here.

8. "Leprechaun yourself"

Credit: mrspauleyskindergarten.blogspot.com

Just like the leprechaun mask, this is another St. Paddy's Day craft that you can use time and time again. While this won't be suitable for all children, if you're a grownup and make it for them, they're still going to love it.

9. Shamrock suncatcher

Credit: theresjustonemommy.com

Unlike most of the crafts on this list, this is one which you can enjoy all year round. Everything you need to know is available here.

10. St. Patrick's Day slime

Credit: momdot.com

Leprechauns are famously naughty, and slime is easily one of the biggest phenomenons around for the younger generation. So why not let yours get messy this St Patrick's Day?! Slime is surprisingly simple to make.

11. Rainbow shaker wands

Credit: happy-mothering.com

If you're planning on attending a parade this St. Patrick's Day, this craft is a guaranteed winner. It will give your kids something to wave as they wait for each of the floats to pass by!

12. Cereal pot of gold

Credit: 123homeschool4me.com

Do your kids like Golden Nuggets cereal? And do you have some black and green card lying around? Then you know what to do.

13. Handprint rainbow

Credit: kidscraftroom.com

This craft is pretty self-explanatory, but a good idea might be to make it into an annual tradition, especially if you're kids are just out of diapers. They can watch in glee as the size of their handprint rainbows get bigger each year.

14. Rainbow snack necklaces

Credit: eighteen25.com

This is the ultimate St. Patrick's Day craft for any kids out there with a sweet tooth. Obviously, the choice of rainbow food is optional! So let your imagination - or, more accurately, your kids' - run wild.

15. Shamrock pasta necklace

Credit: mommysbundle.com

But if you don't want to indulge your kids' sweet tooth, there's still a St. Patrick's Day necklace craft for you. There's a simple to follow tutorial here. I recommend making yours in the colors of the Irish tricolor flag!

16. Shamrock collage

Credit: clareslittletots.co.uk

This craft really is what it says on the tin. Perfect if you've got little tots who want to get in on the emerald fun!

17. St. Patrick's Day glitter play-dough

Credit: Pinterest / @stephaniecrampt

If you don't fancy slime getting everywhere this March 17, a great less messy option is play-dough. Better still, it's a lot easier to reuse because it doesn't gather dirt so easily. Make your own this St. Paddy's Day with this tutorial.

Do you know of any other fun St. Patrick's Day crafts that we've missed out? Let us know in the comments section. But, most importantly of all, Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit! That's "Happy St. Patrick's Day" in Irish!