15 "Elf On The Shelf" Ideas For Parents With A Darker Sense Of Humor

15 "Elf On The Shelf" Ideas For Parents With A Darker Sense Of Humor

If you're a parent of young children and have never heard of "Elf on the Shelf" then it's quite likely you've been living under a rock. "Elf on the Shelf" has become a bona fide Christmas tradition whereby a little elf is sent to your home from the North Pole to make sure the children are on their best behaviour. The tradition started about 15 years ago when Elf on the Shelf first became available to buy, but in recent years, it has made something of a comeback and it looks like it's here to stay.

So when did this new festive phenomenon really start to blow up? Well, it all started as a 2005 picture book titled Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition. The book centres around a pixie scout elf who happens to be a mischievous confidant of Santa. An actual Elf on the Shelf toy is included with the book too. They can be hidden anywhere in the house as they watch over the little ones before returning to the North Pole with their findings on which of the kids have been naughty and which of them have been nice.

The concept has become so popular that they've even started making miniature clothing for Santa's little helpers. This little game can also be a lot of fun for grown-ups as they come up with various hiding places along with elaborate scenarios for the elf. And some people have truly put a lot of thought into setting the scene for their elf.

So without further ado, here are the best examples of people putting their absolute all into their Elf On The Shelf game and winning.

1. This guy is supposed to be Santa's helper?!

Credit: Imgur

Is this a good example to be setting for kids?

2. This elf likes to leaves some nice brown-coloured treats

Credit: fromashleytoawesome.com

How very giving of him!

3. This elf just so happens to be an arsonist

Credit: Reddit / KombuchaMushroomPeop

When he's not deciding who's naughty or nice, he's setting fire to things...

4. This elf is literally Frozen

Credit: Instagram / amychristinecreations

And we just can't let it go...

5. An elf being held captive

Credit: Facebook / Diane Marie

A stove is a dangerous place for an elf. I've got a bad feeling about this...

6. People would go to war over their Elf on the Shelf

Credit: Reddit / ruserious65433

Will he make it out alive?

7. The "Paint me like one of your French girls" elf

Credit: Facebook

Oh, how romantic!

8. This elf who's basically Jigsaw

Credit: Facebook

Now, is this meant for Christmas or Halloween?

9. How long has he been down there

Credit: Reddit / Mysteryck_386

He's sleeping with the fishes when he should be getting our gifts sorted...

10. I wonder if this elf managed to escape...

Credit: Reddit / KombuchaMushroomPeop

Then again, it could be the making of a brilliant movie.

11. So apparently elves are pretty evil

Credit: Instagram / my_little_tribe_and_me

Evil enough to quite literally tear an innocent carrot to pieces.

12. Even Santa's Little Helper doesn't always have everything under control

Credit: Instagram / traceyatkin

He's literally been caught in a web...

13. This is what elves like to do in their downtime

Credit: Instagram / jensadler1

They're just like us... well, sort of.

14. He came in like a wrecking ball

Credit: Instagram / wiccanwoman3x3

Ahh, it's genius!

15. "I pea'd my elf"

Credit: Instagram / elfontheshelfadventures

I mean, he could have just kept that to himself...

Have you got your hand on your very own Elf on the Shelf? If not, what are you waiting for?