14 Paw-fect DIY Projects That'll Get Your Dog's Tail Wagging

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Jan 26, 20195 mins

14 Paw-fect DIY Projects That'll Get Your Dog's Tail Wagging

Ask any pet owner what their favorite thing in the world is - apart from playing with their fluffy bundle of joy - and the answer will most likely be "spoiling them!" When it comes to pets, us owners have no self-control. We want to reward their cute antics and the unconditional love they give us. And there's no better way to do this than with a fun chew toy, or a homemade bed.

But these days, there's a limitless number of pet toys and treats on offer at pet stores, and it's a little frustrating when you buy your pet a cute bed or accessory only to discover that the neighbor's dog has it too. However, that doesn't have to be the case and with the right knowledge, you can easily make your dog crafty treats that will have other dogs' tongues wagging.

1. Tye-dyed dog leash

Credit: Dog Milk

Dog leashes are pretty generic, which is a shame considering how fancy dog coats and collars can be. So why not glam yours up by tie-dying it? You'll never get it mixed up with a friend's again, and you'll look like the most glamorous owner in the park!

This is the simple tie-dye tutorial that you need to follow - just replace the shirt with a leash and voilà!

2. Dog bone

Credit: Mollie Johanson

Since the dawn of time, our four-legged friends have loved to play with bones. Typically, they'd be from a butcher's shop, but sadly the real thing isn't suitable for all dogs - especially puppies. And because most dogs like to rip up their bone toys, us owners often find ourselves running to the pet shop time and time again, which is why, if we make them ourselves, using fabric and filling them with dried peas or beans, we will be saving ourselves money. Just be sure to take the toy away from your toy once it's opened.

Check out the full tutorial here.

3. Vintage suitcase dog bed

Credit: Mox and Fodder

Just like leads, another dog essential which is often a little too generic is dog beds. But if you've got an old suitcase lying around, you can easily create a super snazzy DIY vintage dog bed. What I love about this is that it's easy to store if needed! In addition to this, because you chose the color and design of the bedding, you can easily customize it to fit in with your decor.

Here is how you can make your own.

4. Braided t-shirt toy

Credit: LVLY

For most dogs, one of their favorite games (aside from fetching) is tug-o-war, and because it can be quite an energetic game, store-bought toys, as usual, don't last that long. So why not upcycle your old shirts into them?

All you need to do it is this braiding technique.

5. Dog bowl stand

Credit: I Spy DIY

Every dog and cat owner knows that keeping their bowls in the one place can be a nigh impossible task, especially if they get a little overzealous at feeding time. But if you buy them a wooden stand, you can easily cut down on the mess in this department.

Put your carpentry to the test with this DIY.

6. DIY dog coat

Credit: Mollie Johanson

Okay, if you've got a larger pooch, this isn't the hack for you, but small dog owners, read on. As we all know, when it snows, a dog's fur coat often isn't enough to keep them warm, which is why a fleece-lined jacket is such a good idea. And despite the fact that this one looks good enough to belong in a pet store, you can easily (and cheaply) make it yourself.

This is how to sew your small dog the perfect fleeced jacket this winter.

7. DIY dog sweater

Credit: See Kate Sew

But if you want to make your small pooch something a little lighter (and more fashionable) than the fleece-lined jacket, why not make them their own jumper? You can easily make it from one of your old jumpers, so it's a great way of upcycling.

This is the printable sewing pattern that you need to follow to make one of your own.

8. DIY dog collar

Credit: Pretty Fluffy

Could your dog's collar do with glamming up? Then don't rush to the pet store to buy another, make a sleeve for it yourself. Simple take measurements of your dog's existing collar and create the sleeves accordingly.

For exact instructions, check out the following tutorial.

9. Dog unicorn hairband

Credit: Doxies Down Under

For the past few years, unicorns have been the 'it thing' - from unicorn cakes to frappuccinos. And while a lot of people at festivals and parties have taken to wearing unicorn horns, it turns out that you can make one for your dog too.

To turn your pooch into a different, sparklier species, check out the full tutorial here.

10. Clay dog tag

Credit: Grey Luster Girl

Yet another extremely generic item which we all have to buy for our pooches is the humble dog tag. But if you're wanting to give yours the personal touch, they are easy to make at home using clay and printable letters.

You can even freehand the letters, as this tutorial demonstrates.

11. Renovated dog crate

Credit: Snazzy Little Things

One of the most essential purchases a pet owner has to make when they get a puppy is a dog crate. When they grow up, it's pretty much useless, but it is possible to upcycle yours and renovate it into a stylish hideout for your dog when it needs me time. Or, y'know, if your pooch is still a puppy and you don't want to have an unsightly cage in your house!

This is how cheaply you can execute this stunning DIY.

12. DIY dog bandanas

Credit: Spoonflower

A great way of showing your dog's personality with an accessory is giving them a bandana. And while they are available in pet stores, it's cheaper to make your own and you can customize it - you can even make them for occasions like Halloween.

This is how to make a doggy banana for under $3.

13. Dog car seat blanket

Credit: Tales of an Amazon Woman

While some dogs absolutely love going for car rides (especially when they get to stick their heads out of the window!), it's no secret that their fur can make a real mess of the backseat, which is why making a DIY car seat blanket is such a good idea.

To try out this hack, which has been described as "easy", just follow this tutorial.

14. Dog teepee

Credit: Woodshop Diaries

Looking to make your pooch something that's a little different from the traditional dog bed? Then look no further than the dog teepee. Not only will it give them a great hideout when they want to be alone, but in the summer months, it will give them somewhere cool to sit. All you need to make one is a weather-resistant fabric, bamboo poles, and an old pillow.

This is a step-by-step breakdown of the dog teepee.

What I love about these hacks is that they're not only incredibly unique, but wallet-friendly too. They're a testament to the fact that, even on a budget, it really isn't a dog's life. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.


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