11 Resourceful Ways To Use Coffee Filters For Something Other Than Your Caffeine Fix

11 Resourceful Ways To Use Coffee Filters For Something Other Than Your Caffeine Fix

Coffee is perhaps the greatest liquid on the planet. I hadn't ever cared for a cup of Joe until I started working full time, but now, I can't start my morning without one (or five). From lattes to flat whites, coffees are about as adaptable as our own personalities.

But another thing you perhaps didn't know was just how adaptable coffee filters are, too! You know, those little white sheets of paper you use to filter the beans - they have a tonne of different uses, and after reading through all 11, you'll be stocking up in no time!

So here we go, 11 alternative uses for coffee filters that are even better than your morning cup of java!

Credit: Sola

1. Packed Lunch Pal

Coffee filters are incredibly absorbent. Next time you make a packed lunch for school or work, add a couple of sheets either side your sandwich before sealing it in your lunch bag, and this will keep the bread from getting soggy!

Credit: Spoon University

2. Child-Friendly Snack Holders

Little fingers love little snacks - the problem is, they can get everywhere! Why not try using a coffee filter as a kid-friendly bowl. These work great when your own the go, too!

Credit: livingaspecialkindoflife

3. DIY Dryer Sheets

I don't know why, but when I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with dryer sheets, and here's how you can make your own, chemical free!

Take a pack of coffee filters and separate them. Loosely put them in a container and pour your fabric softener over them until completely saturated. Wait about 15 minutes for them to soak, and then ring off any excess. Separate them as best you can and lay them out on a baking tray to dry. Once dry, place them in a covered container, and then add one or two to each load of drying!

Credit: The Maven / Craft Bits

4. DIY Bath Spa Sachets

This hack works great because of how porous coffee filters are. Take a coffee filter and create an open-ended pouch using a needle and thread.

Then, mix together some Epsom salts, dry rolled oats, sea salt/kosher salt, some crushed lavender, and a splash of essential oil(s) in the fragrance of your choice. Next, using a spoon, add approximately three tablespoons of the mixture into your pouch.

Sew the top together with some more thread, and you're ready to run a nice hot bath and drop it in!

Credit: One Hundred Dollars A Month

5. Perfect For Plant Pots

Any gardeners out there will know how frustrating it is to have soil fall out of the bottom of a pot and make a mess. Well, try adding a filter or two to the bottom of your planters, and this will keep the soil in, whilst allowing excess water to drain out.

Credit: InfiniteDIY

6. Microwave Buddy

Have you ever been heating a nice bowl of soup or marinara sauce in the microwave, only for it to splatter EVERYWHERE! Well, next time, place a coffee filter over the top, and this will prevent any splatters, whilst also allowing the pressure to escape.

7. Spreading Butter For Baking

Baking can be a messy hobby, but not when you know your hacks! The next time you have to grease up a baking tray with butter, try using a coffee filter. This will ensure your butter gets into all the nooks and crannies of your cookie tray.

Credit: RealPurdy.com

8. Coffee Filter Artwork 

If you've got young kids who love to paint, coffee filters make great little canvases. They'll love watching the paint be absorbed and create different patterns. These can also be cut into shapes and turned into hanging decorations.

Credit: VinePair

9. Sparkling Glassware

Looking for a spotless shine on those wine glasses? Simply grab a coffee filter out of the cupboard and wipe down your stemware. This will remove any annoying water spots and leave your glasses glistening.

Credit: Katherine Haley Ojeda / Instagram

10. A Wine Decanter

Okay, you may not want to crack out this hack at a fancy dinner party, but it does work like a charm! Open bottles of wine can often collect sediment, so pouring the wine through a coffee filter will ensure you have a grit-free glass of vino.

Credit: One Good Thing

11. A Lint Free Spring Clean

Do you hate it when you're giving your glass surfaces a wipe down, and then you see that your dusting cloths have left behind more lint than you started with? Well, to prevent this problem, just wipe your TVs and mirrors down with a coffee filter. They'll leave behind no lint and with a gorgeous shine.

So there you have it! Coffee filters can be used for so much more than just your morning cup of coffee!