Piriton Test

Piriton Test

DIY Soap 

Allergies? No problem - with this DIY soap you can make sure your hands are clean & never miss out on the fun again. 

Things you need: 

  • Soap Base
  • Soap Dye
  • Scalpel (for adults only)

How to make it: 

- Bring in white soap

- Cut out cat shape with scalpel

- Bring in soap details - eyes, ears, nose and whiskers

- Press the details into cat shape

- Bring in cut out soap fish 

- Bring in mould

- Place cat and fish into the mould

- Bring in soap in jug

- Pour soap over the cat

- Leave to set - already have some premade

- Reveal the soap and cat face

- End shots in a bathroom

“Piriton Allergy Tablets and Piriton Syrup contain chlorphenamine maleate for allergy relief. Always read the label. Piriton Allergy tablets from 6 years. Piriton Syrup from 1 year.”