These Temporary Tattoos Alert You When You're Kids Have Had Too Much Sun

These Temporary Tattoos Alert You When You're Kids Have Had Too Much Sun

Last Friday marked the official end of sweaters, rainy afternoons, and hanging out indoors; summer's here, folks, and with it comes plenty of picnics, festivals, and trips to the beach. The common denominator in all of these activities? Sun, and lots of it too.

Getting plenty of that Vitamin D is vital for your health, but only to an extent; too many rays, however, and you'll be contending with painful sunburn, exhausting heatstroke and possibly even worse. And these dangers are magnified when it comes to our children!

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But how does one recognise when they've had enough sun, especially when it feels so good? Well, one of the solutions may be to get a temporary tattoo - but not just any temporary tattoo. LogicInk's body art is more than just a pretty skin addition, it also automatically lets you know when you've had too many UV rays, keeping you safe in the sun.

You can apply it once a day like a temporary tattoo, putting it directly on your skin, and once it's served its purpose and you've had your fill of sun for the day, you can head back inside, ready to apply your LogicInk tattoo for the next day.

"LogicInk is formulated to help people with sensitive or fair skin stay within safe UV limits as defined by the World Health Organization," the company says on its website.

"If your skin burns easily, you’ll want to re-apply sunscreen, cover up or find shade before the last segment turns completely pink. But people of all skin types can be harmed by too much UV exposure. LogicInk helps everyone remember to take action to prevent skin damage."

On the company's website, they explain how perfect the tattoos are for using on children:

"Yes! LogicInk is a great way to ensure your children aren’t getting too much sun. The easy-to-read design clearly reminds you it’s time to apply more sunscreen, cover up or give your kids a break from the sun. Use LogicInk and help minimize the cumulative effects of sun exposure that start in childhood."

Here's how it works: on the tattoo, there's an outer purple ring which shows you cumulative UV exposure, while there's also an inner circle that shows you the UV exposure in real-time. The outer ring of the tattoo will gradually turn pink the longer you stay out in the sun, and once you've hit your limit, the outer circle will turn fully pink.

Based off a Kickstarter from 2018, you can now pick up your own LogicInk tattoos, with a subscription of $29 a month guaranteeing you up to 15 temporary tattoos. Keeping your skin healthy in these summer months is vitally important, and with LogicInk, you can stay ahead of the game a lot more easily when it comes to UV exposure.

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