Inspiring Photography Series Showcases The Magic Of Giving Birth

Inspiring Photography Series Showcases The Magic Of Giving Birth

One of the most transformative experiences that people chose to go through is having a child. For nine months, regardless of whether the child is in your womb or not, you prepare for their arrival - carefully selecting the perfect name (even if you don't know the gender), buying baby clothes, prepping older siblings (if there are any), and coming up with a birth plan.

So, to capture the special event, many parents task photographers with the honor of capturing their baby's arrival into the world. This results in some truly incredible images; many of which are entered into the annual Birth Becomes Her competition. It was established by photographers Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason in 2013 in the hope of popularising birth photography, and last year there were 1,200 entries. So, understandably, the winners really are something special.

1. Overall category, winner, by Sadie Wild

Credit: Sadie Wild Photography

This photograph perfectly captures a mother's postpartum relief and joy. Relatable and beautiful.

2. Overall category, third place, by Toni Nichole

Credit: Toni Nichole

The first few moments of a baby's life are such an intimate, special time.

3. Post-partum category, winner, by Photo Art by Jessica

Credit: Art by Jessica

Pregnancy can be draining and even at a young age, children know this. This little girl's love for her mother is heartwarming.

4. Post-partum category, runner-up, by Shea Michelle Long

Credit: Shea Michelle Long

Raw emotion at its finest.

Birth photographer Jen said of capturing these special moments:

"There is nothing quite like watching a family connect with each other in a birth space. For me, the moments of intimacy that happen between partners; the swipe of her hair behind her ear, the gentle kiss on her neck, his constant touch - are what drives me to document this work."

5. Post-partum category, third place, by Hanna Hill

Credit: Hanna Hill Photography

This baby's going to be protected from day one - four brothers!

6. Out-of-hospital, winner, by Northern Light Photography

Credit: Northern Light Photography

You can sense the love in this picture.

7. Out-of-hospital birth, runner-up, Micah Lynn

Credit: Micah Lynn Birth Stories

Sometimes babies instinctively reach for their moms as soon as they're out of the womb. Isn't the circle of life beautiful?

8. Out-of-hospital, third place, by Cradled Creations

Credit: Cradled Creations

Now that's a very content family.

9. Black and white category, winner, by Cat Fancote

Credit: Cat Fancote /

There's something magical about water births.

10. Black and white category, runner-up, by Sashi Hesson

Credit: Sashi Hesson

Siblings together for the very first time.

11. Black and white category, third place, by Salt City Birth & Newborn Photography

Credit: Salt City Birth & Newborn Photography

There's nothing quite like a mother's love.

12. Colour category, winner, by Fox Valley Birth and Baby

Credit: Fox Valley Birth and Baby

It's not just mom who experiences all the emotions during birth. Spare a thought for dad too.

13. Colour category, runner-up, Kendal Blacker

Credit: Kendal Blacker Photography

Pregnancy is a draining but incredibly rewarding process. Did you know that water births are a great idea for women who suffer from anxiety? They help to lower blood pressure and overall are a less painful way of delivering a baby.

Have these pictures inspired you to have a birth photographer? Or have you used one before? Let us know in the comments.